LaComunity in the Cloud

with our Virtual Appliance

Our proposal and his added value

Profits LCVapp

reduce the cost

Reduce the integration cost greatly. With other integration systems, you will need to understand how they work. With LaComunity system you don’t need this, because LaComunity make this for you.

plug and play

Less implementation investment time. Designed to respond to your user's requests, improving implementation times and complexity.


You don't need to backup system or a database configuration and you don't need a specialist or a systems administrator to maintain it. In the case of any incidence happens, you only need to remove and install the LCVAPP again.


Clone and scale. You need more? Only clone and scale


Isolated, harmless and secure. An isolated and secure system that does not affect your infrastructure.


Multiple formats supported by all platforms. You can install it on different platforms and configurations.

in your system

Working in your own infrastructure. No dependencies, no extra settings, better control and integrate in your own system.


Saving on maintenance costs. You don’t need to install a database, you don’t need to keep backups system or servers configuration. More easy and less investment time.

automatically upgradeable

Is automatically updated. The LCVAPP automatically connects to our servers to update all the information about their accommodations. Availabilities, prices and static data all the time updated.

how to implement?

How to

  • download
  • config it
  • join up
  • ready

Frequently Asked Questions About LCVapp



You should have it on your servers to save on resources. You don't have to worry about the integrity of the data you receive, or if the data are being treated correctly, because the machine do it for you. If you are on our servers, anything you do will have to go through the internet, and this process will take time and money. If the machine is running on your servers, they are internal resources, so there is no cost. Besides, searches are realized on your system, so there are no connectivity failures.


All you need to do is give permissions to the LCVAPP to connect to LaComunity servers and give your servers permission to connect to the LCVAPP. The machine does not connect to anything, the only access point it has is LaComunity. It is an isolated and safe system.


You can create as many virtual machines as you need and put a load balancer in front of them to distribute the requests between them.


The data is already inside the LCVAPP, therefore you are saving the work of download all the data base in your system. The LCVAPP is already the data base and the integration itself. It would be like having LaComunity on your system without having to download all the properties data into your system.


So far, the partner connects to LaComunity, download all accommodations and keep them in their system. This means a job of understanding the business rules and writing the code to be able to download the LaComunity properties. This is time and work for the partner. LaComunity proposes an alternative to avoid this. We send a package that already has all the properties and only has to be coupled to the system of the partner. When a search enters, the partner only has to redirect it to the LCVAPP, without having to do any integration. Just download and run the LCVAPP without having to save the data base in the partner system. If LaComunity make any change, the LCVAPP is updated inmediatly and the partner have not to do any development to have the change updated. All updates are automatic. This process save time and work.

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VMWare Format

If you use VMWare format, you can download it from here.

OVA Format

OVA is an open standard format for packaging and distributing virtual appliances or, more generally, software to be run in virtual machines.

Other Formats

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